We offer trainings in supply chain management for the middle and top management of manufacturers, retailers, management consultancies, and other service providers. In seminars we impart the latest trends in supply chain management by applying case studies and games. In workshops we impart know-how on supply chain diagnostics as well as on supply chain optimization, and we develop optimization plans for your company together with your employees. On request our staff can also coach you during the optimization processes.

Supply Chain Seminar

Due to the rapid development of new management methodologies and new technologies a large number of optimization approaches has emerged in the field of supply chain management. They not only increase yield in the short term but also provide for high customer satisfaction and constant growth in the long term. In the Supply Chain Seminar we explain the latest trends in supply chain management by using diverse examples, and we discuss how they can be implemented successfully by means of case studies. »

Supply Chain Workshop

What should I do in order to optimize my supply chain? And how can I ensure that the optimization measures really work and have a lasting effect? These are the questions many supply chain managers ask themselves. Our Supply Chain Workshop helps you find the answers to these questions. And on request we accompany your employees when they implement optimization measures and introduce continuous improvement programs. »

Individual Training

If you are interested in individual coaching, please contact scmms-info(at)