Supply Chain Master Challenge

What is the Supply Chain Master Challenge?  

  • International market-leaders in different industries will open their doors and pose a challenge: All companies are implementing highly relevant, large-scale supply chain projects – and want you to perform state-of-the-art problem solving.
  • You have the chance to prove your SCM knowledge in demanding real-life problems in your practical master thesis. In most cases, during the thesis, you will be employed at the companies and gain a salary.
  • Each Supply Chain Master Challenge is complemented by several workshops, e.g. on presentation skills, problem structuring and solving and on structured writing. Additionally, all participating students will benefit from the extensive academic support of our seminar.
  • All participating students will have the chance to join an exclusive mentoring program by a leading strategic management consultancy.

> What are the general prerequisites for participation?

  • You are highly motivated and interested in a practical SCM Master thesis
  • You want to gain first-hand experience by working on SCM projects in international companies
  • You have an outstanding academic background, enriched by relevant practical experience
  • You have gained international experience through internships or study abroad
  • You combine analytical skills with the ability to work goal-oriented and in teams

> Program Description

Supply Chain Management is about designing, producing, delivering and selling products and services – and about doing so profitably and to the requirements of the customer. Supply Chain Management is often the differentiating factor in today’s challenging environment.
The Supply Chain Master Challenge will offer up to six motivated students the chance to write their master theses about practical supply chain problems and apply their knowledge of Supply Chain Management in real companies.
Each participating company will pose one challenge which represents a current supply chain problem to be solved by the student. Students will work on-site at the company. The results of their work will be summarized in their master theses and presented in a final colloquium.

> Agenda

In order to develop a solution for their challenge, students will cooperate closely with the company. They will conduct interviews, research and analyses in order to work out a concrete solution for the problem. Each student will have a supervisor from the company as well as the SCMMS Seminar. During the Supply Chain Master Challenge, students will attend workshops on presentation skills, problem solving methods and structured writing.
After the first weeks, students should have developed a sound understanding of the problem as well as a rough solution concept. At the first intermediate meeting they will present their project and planned proceeding. Equipped with valuable feedback, students return to working on their challenges. After four months, students will again present their work, before they start to write their theses.
The Supply Chain Master Challenge ends with a final colloquium. Students will present their master thesis and discuss the findings with the audience, consisting of the company representatives as well as the other master students and members of the SCMMS Seminar. After the presentations there will be the chance to get to know each other at dinner and enjoy the evening together.

> Program Administration



Major in the Supply Chain Area (Delfmann, Sting, Tempelmeier, Thonemann)


Please fill in the application form and send it together with references and certificates to Master-SCM(at) until the application deadline. Students will be selected in a two-stage process:

  1. You will be informed whether you are invited to have an interview with one of the companies.
  2. All interviews will be held at the SCMMS Seminar. Invited students will be contacted for the interview times. Students who will participate in the program will be announced the same day.

Master theses

Each student will hand in one master thesis – regardless of whether team partners write about the same aspects of the project or divide the topic.

> Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


• Which documents should be included in my application?
We will forward your application to those companies you listed among your preferences. Therefore, it should contain all information you would normally include if you applied directly at the company, e.g. CV, transcript of records and relevant certificates / references.

• In which language should I hand in my application?
We recommend you to apply in English. However, it’s not necessary to translate documents which are originally in German like your transcript of records or certificates.

• Should I add a cover letter?
A cover letter is not required, but you may act according to your own judgment. You could add one in general or a cover letter for each of your preferences.

Master thesis

• In which language will we write our theses?
Your theses and presentation should be in English.

• What if we have questions in between?Throughout the program you will be accompanied by a supervisor of the SCMMS Seminar like any other “Masterand”. You can make the usual appointments (discussing topic, outline etc.).


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